Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some of my loves

I can't believe it has been almost three months since I've blogged. So much for sparking interest among those that might visit this.

It's the beginning of August, which means back to school time for most. It seems like this summer has flown by, but I also feel that I've done something with these past few months. Like my last post, this one also includes a fair amount of roller derby talk. Since then, I have acquired all of my equipment (skates, pads, etc.) and have been attending regular practices. I even got the chance to skate with my friend back home who is also doing the derby thing. Our derby league is still in the beginning stages, but it's progressing. I've realized that no matter how tired I am or if I'm in a not so great mood, going to derby practice makes everything better. I know that may seem cliche, but it's true. I'm really feeling good about this whole roller derby thing.

Enough of the mushy stuff and on to the links! Within the last month I've come across some more blogs of note. Some pertaining to derby, some not, and some that mix my love of derby and other interests.

This first one I found via my friend "liking" it on Facebook. It's called Yo, Roller Derby. The creators of the site write that the site is "not awesome yet! But, it's going to be.!" Being a beginning roller girl (Fresh Meat, as it's called), I already find it to be awesome. As of now, this website is a collection of articles from different roller derby bloggers. I really enjoy reading what other roller girls have to write about derby and their experiences. One thing that I'm finding about this sport is that everyone is so willing to share what they know, and I love that.

This next blog mixes two of my loves - knitting and roller derby. Joan of Dark not only is a roller girl here in Indiana, but she also put out a knitting book. I don't want to say that I'm surprised by the number of roller girls I've met that are also interested in knitting, but I am. In fact, some of the Cornfed Derby Dames get together to knit, drink coffee, and occasionally talk derby. I even found a roller derby group on Ravelry.

Props to you non-derby readers if you've made it this far! This last blog I found by accident has to do with some of my other loves/interests. I first stumbled upon Always Order Dessert while browsing on Flickr and found photos of a 1960s themed cocktail party this blogger hosted. She was inspired by some vintage cookbooks and by the television show Mad Men. I believe I have a slight obsession with this show. Beside the fact that it is well written, I love that it is set in 1960s New York City. Why? I'm not sure, but I do. Well, I stumbled upon this blog and found that not only does this blogger also love Mad Men/1960s retro, she loves food! In fact, she has some very appetizing recipes that I can't wait try.

And, just because I want to, here are a few photos from the last few months.

Day 154 Day 206
Day 186 Day 196

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Roller Derby Dame

I have a new love...roller derby! (For those of you that only know roller derby to be a spectacle comparable to a WWF match, check out the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). This ain't your momma's roller derby!) OK, I always thought it was awesome and wanted to be on a team, but now my dreams might very well become reality.

There are currently three cities in Indiana that have leagues recognized as members of the WFTDA: Bloomington, Ft. Wayne, and Indianapolis. There are other cities with derbies in the works, including the South Bend Roller Derby and the Cornfed Derby Dames of Muncie.

My interest was first ignited a few years ago. Someone who lived on my dorm floor sophomore year had pictures on facebook of her and the derby team she was a part of. Fast forward to this year and I see pictures of one of my friends back home attending practices for an up and coming derby. I will admit, I was a little jealous. Everything about roller derby appealed to me (except maybe breaking a finger, but I'd live). Then, this past Thursday I was downtown enjoying the monthly First Thursday Gallery Walk when I see these girls on quad skates handing out fliers. The next night I met some of them at the local skating rink and skated for the first time since sophomore year. By the end of the night I was hot, sweaty, and my legs were hurting, but I was definitely back in the groove with skating. I'm attending a meeting tomorrow to get more information. I'm excited to see where this all goes.

I met my friend from back home at a derby bout this weekend and got to see it live!


With being done with classes for the semester, I don't have to feel guilty about sitting around doing non-academic research on the internet. Here are a few links that I found c/o the South Bend Roller Derby facebook page.

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five
: A weekly webcomic by Monica Gallagher that combines the superhero side of being a rollergirl with the Clark Kent side of working a day job.

Vegan Derby Girl: She's vegan, does roller derby, and she knits!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's All About the Music!

This past week (and especially the past few days) have been an interesting and eclectic mix of musical experiences for me. I'm not terribly picky about my musical tastes, but I will admit there are some genres I can only take in moderation.

Early last week while filing CDs at work, I came upon an album by the duo Over the Rhine. I have heard the name before, but didn't know what their sound was like. I checked out the three albums the library had and have been playing them pretty much continuously in my stereo. The lead vocals sound like something I've heard before, but I just cannot pin point it to save my life.

This past week has also thrown me into a different kind of musical experience - musical theater. I really enjoy playing in pit orchestras and especially enjoyed my first time on stage this past fall. Muncie Civic Theatre just opened with High School Musical. I haven't really been exposed to this musical in any way (by movie or soundtrack) before this past week. I will admit, it's a cute show. I can understand how people enjoy it. The tunes are catchy in that can't-get-them-out-of-your-head kind of way.

The third annual Muncie Springfest was also this past weekend. Although after being shut down early on Sunday due to an apparent breach of contract with the venue, we will have to see if it happens next year. I was lucky enough to win two three-day passes to the event, but could only see a few bands because of my busy weekend. There were over 40 bands performing on three stages. I missed out on seeing Particle, and Catch Curtis, but was able to see some other bands like 8 Stories High, and UV Hippo. I was all set to head back to the venue when I heard the last few bands were moving downtown. A friend and I went and ended up hearing Great American Taxi. They had a really great sound. It was a mix of blues, bluegrass, and a little country thrown in there.

It was quite the busy weekend, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Good friends, good music. I don't need much more than that.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Beginnings!

I finally decided to have a real go at this blogging thing. I don't find myself to be a rather interesting person, but I happen upon some interesting things from time to time. And when I do, I enjoy sharing them. So maybe this is what this blog will be about.

I woke up nine minutes before my alarm this morning after my first restless night of sleep in about a week. I was going to have breakfast with a friend, but due to our late night outing last night, he wasn't quite ready to have breakfast at 8am. Since I was already dressed, I decided to have a bite to eat anyway. The weather has been unseasonably warm the past week and the morning was starting off beautifully. I sat outside enjoying a sunrise bagel from MTcup and a cup of coffee. The village is so peaceful these early mornings before college students awake at the crack of noon. After finishing the bagel and still having thirty minutes before I had to work, I decided to walk around campus. It was really nice to just slow down and take in my surroundings. I noticed all of the budding trees and blooming flowers. So peaceful.

I don't think a lot of us take the time to just look and notice what is around us. I'm trying to do that more and more. It's difficult sometimes and I even have to say to myself slow down!

Well, since I like to share things, I'm going to share a picture. It kind of goes along with my slow down thoughts.

Day 92

I wore sandals for the first time this year. Some things I love about warm weather - sandals, bare feet, cool grass. This is the last patch of grass left near my apartment since the new landlord made a parking lot for us. I enjoy the parking, but I miss the grass.

Thursday, July 30, 2009